After Mike Flynn, Donald Trump besieged a plea to apologize to Julian Assange and Tiger King Joe Exotic

The world is on the edge waiting for President Donald Trump to spend his final weeks in the White House. Now that he has pardoned Mike Flynn, there is much speculation as to who will be next to receive a presidential pardon. There are two people whose supporters have worked overtime to hear their cases in front of the President – Julian Assange and Tiger King, Joe Exotic.

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks supporters have petitioned President Trump on behalf of the jailed whistleblower asking for his apologies. Many were shocked to learn that this was not just the case Julian Assange I have a lover when he was holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy, ​​but he also fathered two children there. Now his partner Stella Morris asks Donald Trump To apologize to Julian, paving the way for his freedom and eventual return to his family.

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Stella Morris tweeted about President Donald Trump for Thanksgiving and shared a photo of Julian Assange’s two sons: Max and Gabriel. He asked him to excuse the journalist and let him return to his family until Christmas.

At this point, President Donald Trump has not yet announced whether or not he will forgive Julian Assange. You may see a report from the Associated Press below.

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When the story of Joe Exotic (real name Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage) made headlines for the Netflix series Tiger KingDonald Trump Jr. said he would ask his father to give the zookeeper an apology from the president. Now, countless fans are asking President Trump to apologize for Joe and let him return to society.

You may see a report on why the Joe Exotic legal team are hoping a pardon is on the way down.

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Were you surprised to hear that President Donald Trump pardoned Mike Flynn? Are you expecting further pardons from the president? Do you think Julian Assange and Joe Exotic should get a presidential pardon?

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